Selasa, 06 Desember 2016

Bahan Lengkap Risoles Keju Tanpa Pengawet

Bahan Lengkap Risoles Keju Tanpa Pengawet - Today I returned to monitor the Rangga and now I come sooner than Rangga, Ya retrospect thought spooky school also came early in the morning there was no one else, if we meet the begituan ntar how yaaa, heheehehe. I deliberately did not go to class first because besides I'm afraid, it is trikku to monitor Rangga, Rangga ngelihat if there was a bag in the chair he must have thought that someone had come faster than her and who became suspicion, where the man while his bag there

Tek tek tek as nothing goes here. pengolahan risoles rasa keju cheddar manis had to quickly quickly hide, Oh where yaaaa, already deh under the teacher's desk wrote, ntar if Rangga doing something I so know ... I saw from below looked Rangga entered the classroom and sat on his stool. Not long after the class this desolate sound of weeping, her voice rich Rangga, but doing well he cried ?.

Why why why I was born into this world why? I was just another child who is not clear the origin of me, I do not know who and where my parents. Oh so during this mother Rangga was not his biological mother, no wonder she always looks moody and often pensive, and perhaps he felt ashamed to be an unwanted child so he never interacted and opening up to others.

Dodi, Haikal tungguin dong, we go home with ya. membuat kue bakpao isi ternyata mudah hunted yes. Anybody want me omongin ya, but this is serious and concerned about Rangga. So yesterday I was watching the gini Rangga Rangga in class and it turned out it was an unwanted child. Really you Dit you do not Ngada Ngada right ?. Really Dod, Kal I hear his own time in class she cried because she was an unwanted child, ya kalu you do not believe too I have a tape.

recordings played
Hey wait, that's not his Rangga. Which anyway. It was sitting in the park near the big tree. Yeah yeah right tuh Rangga, samperin yuk. Rangga Hi, what are you doing here, did not immediately return aja ?. Hmmmm ... I do not feel at home. You again no problem huh? We wrote the same story we are, not what's okay, once wrote we can help. Come stories. No, I do not why why, I want to own cuman. But Rang. Let's not enough ngurusun my life and do not have to intervene affairs of my point. Rang Hey you wait where are you going ?.